After Bandung and Surabaya, this year BEKRAF FESTIVAL will be held in Solo!

“Kita Kaya Karya” will be the theme of The 2019 BEKRAF FESTIVAL and the event will be held for three days
4-6 October 2019
9 AM to 10 PM
Venue: Benteng Vastenburg Solo

The best 16 creations of Subsector Creative will be featured in The 2019 BEKRAF FESTIVAL. Besides program exhibition from six Bekraf Deputy there will be talkshow, workshop and live performance which will entertain visitors.

This event will be FREE for all visitors, and if you want to go and enjoy the BEKRAF FESTIVAL 2019, you must have an e-ticket by register through LOKET.COM.
The registration process can be done in the following way:
1. Open website
2. Enter menu ‘Cari Event’ and type “BEKRAF FESTIVAL”
3. fill name , phone number and email (max 5)
4. Get the ticket for free, which will be sent via Whatsapp and Email
5. Show the e-voucher at the entrance gate.

See you on the BEKRAF FESTIVAL 2019 !