Endah Laras, as the mascot of Solo International Performing Art 2021

We introduce Endah Laras, the legendary keroncong singer of Solo, as the mascot of Solo International Performing Art. The selection of the mascot is the result of the choice of the SIPA audiences which is in line with the choice of the committee. Endah Laras’ role supports the commitment of the SIPA committee to provide the best and quality performances so that they can be remembered. Endah Laras’ popularity strengthens SIPA’s goal as diplomacy between countries, regions and communities through the performing arts stage.

Director of SIPA, Dra. Irawati Kusumorasri, M.Sn. said, “The SIPA committee has determined three names to be the mascots of SIPA 2021. Then we asked for public opinion through IG @sipafestival and it fell to Endah Laras. The community’s choice is in accordance with one of the committee’s choices. Until Endah Laras was chosen as the mascot of SIPA 2021”.

Endah Laras, who was chosen to be the SIPA 2021 mascot added, “I feel happy and touched and flattered to be chosen to be the SIPA 2021 mascot, I didn’t expect to be chosen this year.”

Salam Budaya!