Jamu Cekok

People believe that herbs drink are able to heal illness, protect and recover health. This is include give herbs drink to children. There are many parents complain their children have no appetite.

For resolving it, parents in Java usually give Jamu Cekok (Cekok herbs drink) to their children, it is become culture since long time ago then now. Definition of “Cekok” refers to method of giving the herbs drink, that is cram to the kid’s mouth. Jamu Cekok  is  The ingredients of Jamu Cekok are Cucurma, Curcuma aeruginosa, turmeric, adas and papaya leaves.

Production of Jamu Cekok is simple. The herbs drink have been formulated, then it must be pound, mix with less water and it must wrap by fabric, afterwards the kid usually hold by his/her parents for avoiding the kid resist and the herbs  squeeze  then pour it into the kid’s mouth. Cekok or crammed is done because all of children refuses the bitter taste of  jamu or herbs drink.