The Keroncong Music Culture Stage “Keroncong Memories”

The Surakarta Cultural Office will hold the Keroncong Music Culture Stage ‘Keroncong Memories’ on

🗓️ 11-15 October 2021

🕢 7 p.m.

📍 YouTube : Dinas Kebudayaan Surakarta

YouTube :  Pariwisata Solo

Youtube : Gibran TV

YouTube : Batik Solo TV

With the viewer schedule as follows:

11 October  – Swastika Keroncong Orchestra

12 October  – Keroncongisasi

13 October  – Minimal Plasu Keroncong Orchestra

14 October  – Baron Nada’s Keroncong Orchestra

15 October  – Pandawa Keroncong Orchestra


The decline of PPKM status to level 2, Solo City Government provides leeway for cultural arts performances according to the established health protocol and with a maximum audience of 75 person.


Come on, look at the Javanese Cultural Arts! 🙏


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