Walking Around Alun-Alun Kidul

Alun-alun Kidul (Alkid) Solo is still part of the Surakarta Hadiningrat Sunanate Palace complex. Located in the heart of Bengawan City, Alkid can be easily reached. Public vehicles, as well as private vehicles,  pass right into the building complex. Based on historical records, the palace was founded by Susuhunan Pakubuwana (PB) II in 1744 in lieu of the ruined Keraton Kartasura due to the 1743 Chinatown Rash. Although it has been officially part of the Republic of Indonesia since 1945, the palace building complex still functions as the king’s residence and house palace stairs. The palace is surrounded by villages which are said to be the residence of the royal family and courtiers. The village named Baluwarti was inside the fortress surrounding the palace.

All parts of the palace have meaning, including the South Square. The philosophy of this place is where life or death ends. Because of this, the albino buffalo’s king named Kyai Slamet was placed in this location. But the buffalo Kyai Slamet himself actually died decades ago. The remaining now are their derivatives. The buffalo is paraded every night of 1 Muharram or 1 night Suro.

In addition, there are two palace objects placed in Alkid namely the hearse carriage that was once used to transport Paku Buwono (PB) X and the Railway (KA) train cars. Both of them are in the Sitihinggil area, which is the carriage on the east side of the sitihinggil wing, while the Cruise Train is on the west side of Sitihinggil wing. These two icons become a tourist attraction in Alkid.

In addition, visitors can also try the sidewalk culinary variety that holds merchandise around Alkid. The food served included roasted corn, some coconut water,  asle and ronde drink, cabuk rambak, and angkringan (traditional food stall). Visitors usually enjoy food by laying mats on the grass and relaxing. The lawn in the middle of the square often becomes an arena for playing football.